Thursday, 5 April 2018

Hide Photos for Android (with Fingerprints) Download APK

Download the Latest Release of Official Hide Photos for Android smartphones and tablets for free. With Hide Photos APK your can hide all the photos in private vault with code locked. Click on the download icon to download Hide Photos App for your Smartphones and Tablets,

Hide Photos is an application to protect your private photos and videos, with pattern password of fingerprint save your picture and videos through this app, it is a trustable tool for Android phones and devices. You can save photos and videos in an invisible photo vault. 

The photo vault is disguised as a gallery in your smartphone. Only you can enter it or any person who knows your pattern or password can enter in this application if you have a smartphone with fingerprints is the best privacy to protect your photos and gallery. 

Hide Photos APK support local backup. If you lost your data you can easily recover the photos and videos, are when you change your phone or format by accident you can recover with the help of Hide Photos app. In this app, you can also take picture or record video directly. Hide Photos APK protect your personal photos and videos by pattern lock, fingerprint lock or password as safer.

Hide Photos Vault lets you hide images as well as Video that means all your private data is secured by Hide Photos and even when your phone is using by others.   

Best Features of Hide Photos for Android:

You can easily hide photos, videos by use of this helps
  1. It help to invisible photo vault
  2. If you lost data it backup and cloud sync
  3. It also facilitate us for protection of apps
  4. It hides our secret photos and videos which can’t visible in the gallery. Password lock
  5. Through pattern,fingureprint you can easily hide photos
  6. Hide Photos is easy to use as compared to other applications.
  7. It also select multiple pictures quickly through Hide Photos you can view and zoompictures.
Hide Photos for Android it support all types of android smart phones, this application is also in iphone and ipad it helps us to protect our appa and personal photos. Many of smarts phones have no application to hide photos and apps. Now you are in right place we offers you to protect you photos with the help of Hide Photos for Android.  Hide Photos app is a great free photo hiding application for android. Now you put photos and videos into your vault and you want to access then enter a pattern or password. This app automatically backup built and encrypts your photos and upload them in google drive through online. Hide Photos isa very popular app for hiding photos and easy to use in android. It is a secure locker you add photos and videos on it.

Your download is ready for Hide Photos for Android, click on the link to download Hide Photos for Android.
 Hide Photo APP
hide photo
App Size:3.3MBS
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