Friday, 13 April 2018

GIF Maker (Gif Editor) APK Download for Android

Download the latest release of official GIF Maker APK for Android smartphones and tablets. GIF Maker is the latest application for Android devices, it makes the gif, videos to gif, and much more it is easy to create a gif from any video or picture you share these gifs to your friend on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and many other social websites.

GIF Maker creates an animated gif from images or videos you can save and share them with your friends or everyone you know, it is free for Android users it is a fun to create gif and quick in this app you can use many other applications for gif maker.

GIF Maker free gif maker is downloadable for Android users and some are online programs. These apps are absolutely free and you will create many gifs in minutes. In this application, you use free online photo editor, free photo editing app to change the image before converting it into a gif.

Download GIF Maker it creates a gif from multiple images, it provides many functions you can create a gif form videos from your computer, a youtube video or directly from your webcam. Gif create from the image is very simple it really easy to customize the order of the photo you simply rearrange them through drag and drop.

Download GIF Maker APK is easy to create a gif from the video, you choose a point in the video to start the gif you can manage the time of gif, once you create you can easily save and share them in your computer and your social page.

Some feature has in the application :

  • In this app, you can cut video and crop video before to create a gif.
  • You can add a 100+ image in one gif.
  • GIF Maker Android through this you can edit the gif before save or share.
  • You can add different text style and color To gif.
  • It facilitates you to add 100 funny stickers,  In your gif.
  • Once you create GIF you can view them any time you want.
  • The gif which you create you can easily share by just one click. You can upload upload
  • easily create a gif from a link like gypsy gif.
  • It facilitates you to remove background gif, and load all gif in your computer.

Gif Maker APK is easy and powerful to use the animated gif. through this, you can easily create animated banners and use pics, presentation, mail and much more. It includes wizard tool for creating high-quality animation fast and straightforward gif.

GIF Maker APK is used by high departments of web designers and professionals to create the high quality of gif. This app not required special training or any knowledge. This is the best application to create Gif. Now install my application and enjoy the app, it is very easy to download and install. Follow our link to install such kind of interesting app for Android devices.

Gif Maker for Android
App Size: 12.4MB
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