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Download Root Checker Latest version for your Android Smartphones and Tablets:

If you are wondering whether your Android phone is rooted or not, Then you should try ‘Root Checker’ it's the best Android tool currently available to check the rooting of any device with a single tape. Download and Install for free to check and verify your root or SuperUser (SU)’s configuration of your device. Root Checker is best and completely free tool for you to use. It's a speedy, simple and user-friendly app. Root checker has more than ten million users. If the SuperUser app you have installed is not appropriately working or not correctly installed, Its about time for you to install Root Checker which detects it in a right away.

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You don't need to be an expert on Roots or Patching Apps, Its very simple application no matter if you are using it the first time, everything will be self-explanatory once you launch the app. RootChecker lets you simple step by step methods to check any device and all root, and administrator accesses. If can't set up your Device root or SU's access properly then you don't need to worry about that, it will notify you and with a solution so that you will be able to overcome it.

All the Android device comes with SU binary which controls root (SuperUser) access. RootChecker will deep scan your device and checks to confirms if the SuperUser binary is positioned accordingly to the standards. Besides that, it also checks and verifies proper functioning of your Android device's root access.

If you want to root up your device and troubling with the procedures on how to root? then we recommend you to install Root-Checker-App for you. You will find quite easy to do it because deep and detailed explanations for rooting and during the procedure if you miss skipped any step it will help you by notifying which comes with a solution. Root checker is always available to help you out. Even once you rooted your device you might wonder whether if have rooted it correctly or not? It a good tool to verifies if the SuperUser access is working correctly.

The features of Root Checker APK is almost unlimited Rooters and Patcher know how significant this app is when it comes to rooting any device. Some good features of this app are highlighted below:

  • Best Root Checker App for Android.
  • Detail information.
  • Notifying on any step skipped while rooting
  • Step by Step method to root.
  • Change or manage root access for the application.
  • A confirmation of root complete.
  • Friendly-User Interface with self-explanatory steps.
  • All the package is free. 
There are some terminologies in the app you might need clarification for are as follow:
  • Confirming SuperUser Access: Conforms the root access to the application.
  • Gaining Administrator Access:  Collection of administrative access to the app.
  • Gaining SuperUser Access: the Binary SU that I've explained above. 
Once you installed and launched any SuperUser management apps on your device, for instance, SuperSU or SuperUser etc...  RootChecker, with the help you to manage the administrative access for applications, it will ask you to reject or accept the root access request from different apps which you simply have to accept the request or reject. with your acceptance that particular app will be authorized with root access and vice versa.

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