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Download GT Recovery APK Latest Version of Android smartPhone, and tablets.

GT Recovery APK is a very excellent application to recover your accidentally deleted data which may include your Photos, your Videos, your Contacts, your Messages, your other all type of files which may be significant to you. Although there is much application which say that they are best the data recovery in the market of Android apps but trust me they are not, they are many junk application that is available in the Android market which makes it hard to find a good data recovery application but after a deep research here to have bought an amazing data recovery application that will cover all your needs.

GT Recovery app, the highest downloaded and fastest among all other data recovery tools and application, this GT Recovery app has all premium features for free. this is a best offline data recovery app you can ever get from any market. GT Recovery apk download link has given a click on the link to download GT Recovery apk latest version for Android devices.

GT Recovery

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GT Recovery has many features, First: GT Recovery is the fastest recovery Android app which lets you recover in minimum time than any other recovery tool ever. Second: GT Recovery 2018 comes with great built-in options and variety of files of a different format that you can recover, for Instance, GT Recovery allows you to recover your photos, your Videos, your Audio Files, your Messages, your  Contacts and even your saved Wi-Fi Passwords that have been deleted accidentally.

GT RecoveryGT Recovery

The app will give you a review and highlight of your deleted data simply hold any item for a second then start checking if you are to recover multiples items at a time.

Third: GT Recovery apk for Android does not allow you to recover deleted data from your Android phone, you can also recover data from external storage, for instance, SD card and USB devices which make GT Recovery number 1 data recovery apk.

[Important Note] GT Data Recovery APK needs a Rooted Android Device your Android Phone or Android Tablet must be rooted to Recover your deleted Data from yours. If your phone is not rooted or you are Using an Un-Root Android  Device. GT Data Recovery, will not work in that, If your phone is not rooted, you can root it with these Applications (King Root) or if you don't want to root your device then there is no need to download this app it will not work 1% and we recommend you to try Desktop Version to your satisfaction.*

Data Recovery software's has been a daily need to every one of us because our smartphone has become our computer, we do all our work using smartphones instead of computer today that means lot of data to be share, save and deleted intentionally or unintentionally them that data become our need and recovering that data again is also a big problem when you don't have GT Recovery apk installed. GT Recovery apk have tested by our team in our Android Smartphone and we have got 100% satisfactory result and if you are looking for a Data Recovery app then we strongly recommend GT Recovery application to you!

GT Recovery APKGT Recovery APK

How to Recover Deleted Data from Android Phone using GT Recovery?

To Recover Deleted Data on Android Smart Phone or Tablet using GT Recovery App please Follow the following steps:

Click on the Download link to download the latest Version of GT Recovery Apk and install it on your smartphone.
One more setting will be required, please makes sure that your phone has Unknown Resources enabled. otherwise, you won't be able to install on your smartphone. Please follow to Enable Unknown Resources, go to Phone > Settings > Security > Unknown Resources and check the box.

After successfully Installation, launch GT Recovery application you will find the following option.

Photo and Videos Recovery.
Messages Recovery.
Contacts Recovery.
Passwords Recovery.
Other Data Recovery.

Select the type of files you want to recover from your phone. Wait for few seconds you will find the recovery process will start, and it will start to show your deleted files based on the mode you have selected, wait till the process completely and you go.

Once you click the Recovery Type Option in few Seconds your Recovery will start and in the end, you will be Shown List your Deleted Data select the particular file you want to recover and press recover it will recover that file in minutes.

[One Last  Note]: when you need to Recover your Deleted Messages, Please don't take a lot of time in between because New Messages can be overwritten and Results and Quality are affected by time of Messages.

GT Recovery APK Features:
  • This Amazing Data Recovery Application has many great features I have listed them below.
  • You can recover your Deleted Photos and Videos Easily with this application.
  • You can recover your Lost Documents, Contacts and Messages with GT Recovery.
  • This App also lets you recover your Wi-Fi passwords.
  • It supports all mainstream volume formats, as FAT, EXT3, EXT4.
  • The scanning results of audios or videos can be previewed before recovery.
Application Details and Requirements:
  • Application Name: GT Recovery APK
  • Size: 5.2MB
  • Format: .apk
  • Developed by: Hangzhou KuaiYi Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Price: Free
  • Last Modified 21 January 2018 
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