Game Killer (GameKiller) APK Download for Android

Download Game Killer APK Latest Version 4.10 for Android Smartphones and Tablets:

Game Killer APK or GameKiller APK as the name suggests it's an Android tool to Patch and modify the offline games on your smartphone. It isn't for slaughtering Games and Application on your phone but it's an amazing application to change the permission of Games and Application that you use on your smartphone or any other android device.

Game Killer app for Android is a simple app with detail functions, you don't need to be a perfect App pro to modify and mod the application and patch your favorite games that you play on your smartphone.

How to Patch and Mod Games using Game Killer?

[Important Note] Game Killer is a perfect android application to modify and change permissions of Games you have installed on your smartphone. But Game Killer Application is only applicable for offline Games. If you are playing an online game or if your game is connected to the internet it will not help you out it modifying and changing the permissions.

Game Killer no root, lets you have scores, coins, and money by changing and modifying the permission of offline games. you can easily Mod the permission of game and change it as you desired. GameKiller app also lets you mod and patch the pro version of games, and you can avail the features of pro versions for free.
Game Killer

[Rooted Device Required] Game Killer needs rooted devices to access the core functionalities of Game that you want to modify. If your devices are not rooted it will not work for you. If you want to Root your device we recommend you to try KingRoot. But remember your phone securities and warranties will be gone once you root your phone.

The Following key things you need to keep in your mind before Modifying and Changing Any Game:

  • You have a Rooted Devices:
As mention above game killer requires a rooted device. please make sure to have a rooted device for any modification and patching Game.
  • Offline Games:
Gamekiller only works with offline games. if the game you are trying to patching or modding is synchronizing its score and player information on the internet or it is connected to the internet with in any way it will not help you out. 
  • Unlimited Scores:
Gamekiller gives you an unlimited number of scores and points that are usually hard to get. You don't to purchase scores or points to pass on the level. all you have to do is simply install this amazing application for free.
  • Premium Games for free:
You can easily Mod or Patch the Pro-version or premium version of any game for free. please make sure not to update your game once it is Modded or Pached.
Is it safe to use GameKiller?
This application is provided for educational purposes and we do not encourage you to Patch and modify games this is unethical and against the rule and policy of makes. 

The game killer apk is safe to use with 100% guaranteed results. it is the best ever application you will ever get to modify and Modded and Patched games for free.
Application information and Requirements:
  • Application Name: Game Killer Gamekiller
  • Version: 5.0
  • Price: Free
  • Last Modified: 18 January 2018
  • Developed By: GameKiller
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