Clean Optimizer 4.0.2 (Latest Version) APK Download |Cleaner & Optimizer | for Android

Download Clean Optimizer APK, for Android Smartphone and Tablets Cleaner, Booster & Battery Saver: Clean Optimizer an all-in-one Android App that works as Phone cleaner, battery saver, CPU Cooler, RAM optimizer and speed up and performance booster for your Phone. A very smooth and easy to use with clean interface app gives your phone much more performance and boost to work smarter without warming up the phone. Watch High-quality videos and movies, Play HD Graphic Games or perform multitasking, your phones won't bother you anymore with this excellent Clean Optimizer installed.

Clean optimizer

Main Features of Clean Optimizer:

Clean Optimizer has following function and features that you can use.
Android Speed Booster:
Just hit "optimize" on the screen of App, The Application will start optimizing your phone, within a few seconds. Clean Optimizer will give your phone more powerful performance to work by clean-up all unnecessary task, process, and auto-start apps to boost the speed and performance of your smartphone.

  • Android Battery Saver:

Clean Optimizer runs in the back group of your phone using very dew power and very little weight on RAM analysis your phones battery status and stops auto closing battery draining apps to save battery and extend the battery performance. once installed you will feels more battery life on your phone. if your phone is draining out batter fast this is because of apps that are running in the background and using much batter a RAM then your phone needs Clean Optimizer app.

  • Android CPU Cooler:

Does your phone get warm while using it for a while, especially using mobile data(3G or 4G) this is because, in the background, all apps search for new update and give you notifications for a new post? Clean Optimizer analyzes CPU usage detects overheating apps, and close them immediately to cool down your phone temperature.

  • Android Smart Cleaner:

Clean Optimizer Cleans all the junk apps and useless file, cleans cache files and
dump files left by apps, games or by browsers by eradicating it all, give you more storage on your phone and SD card.
Clean Optimizer is a free Android application, so try it today and speed up your device.

Application Information and requirements:

  • Name: Clean Optimizer – Cleaner, Booster & Battery Saver Package  
  • App Version: 1.1  
  • App Size: 4.10 MB 
  • Developed By Well Apps
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