Back Button - Assistive Touch 2.0 (No Root & Latest Version) APK Download for Android

Download black Button APK, for Android Smartphone and Tablets:

Back buttonDownload Back Button, a tiny but very useful app, Most of the Android phones don’t have Back icons pre-installed on them which are such a haze. When you want to switch back from any app you can’t find any back button and you got stuck in the application but time cheer up because here we have bought a solution for you. Its call Back Button which is a black icon but very powerful, when you press that button in real time you will back to previous task or application you were in.

Back Button App is also a perfect application for those whose phones back options are working properly. Back Button APK

Back Button No Root APK, comes with many great features that you will love to use, foremost: Back Button APK gives you easy customization option you can easily drag the icon and place it anywhere on the screen and drop back to another easily button on anywhere on your screen. Second: Back Button APK lets you change its icon color for a better look which will match the color of your theme of the phone.

Back Button APK Features

  • Drag and Pin Option which allows you to drag your back button location anywhere on your screen. You Back Button APK gives you easy Customization in your own way, your favorite color that best matches your theme.
  • Back Button APK also supports both Horizontal and Vertical alignment.
  • You can change and simulate back, home and recent buttons.
  • Back Button APK is an excellent application for free.
Back Button APK Information and Requirements:

  • Application Name: Back Button
  • Format: APK
  • Size: 2.43MB
  • Version: 2.0
  • Last Modified: 19 January 2018
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