Yandex Disk 3.30 (Latest) Official Service APP Download for Free Cloud Storage

Yander Disk APP Download, For Smartphones and Tablets: Download Yandex Disk a Cloud Storage Service Developed by YandexRu for free. Yander Disk is an online line drive where you can Upload all your important data, for instance, your Photos, Videos, Documents and other Data to Cloud Storage which you can access anytime anywhere for free to any later use. Yandex Disk is like Onedrive and Google Drive but comes with more features than these drives.
Yandex Disk
First Storage: Yander.Disk gives more 20GB of cloud space to upload your files and gives you free access to retrieve your data anytime when needed with its free more space then any other cloud online storage services give the edge, to not let you out of space. And if you went out of storage you can also use its premium packages plan for more storage space.
Second Data security: Yandex Disk App has high-security parameters to ensure your privacy and for the protection of your personal data, they do not shares any of your personal information regarding your profile and data with anyone and secure cloud platform for the storage and share of your data makes it very reliable and save to use.

Third Data Accessibility: Once you uploaded your data you need it for future uses. Yandex Disk gives you very easy accessibility to access your stored data, you can easily access your data for freely and securely anytime you wanted from anywhere. Like Google Drive and OneDrive, Yandex Disk also has login account which you can use to access to your data, using an Internet connection.

Fourth Interface: Yandex Disk has a very easy but Interactive interface with additional features and securities that you will love once start using it. It gives you options to manage your data separably in new folders for easy accessibility and better management of your data by arranging it as you wanted to.

Free download Yandex Disk APK Latest v3.30 from our site, by clicking on Direct Download Link is given at the end of this post. Before Downloading this application lets have a look at its good features.

Main Yadex Disk Features:

  • Easily uploads your data from your cell phone to online cloud storage and back to the cell phone with just using internet connection.
  • High security of all your data and files, and easy data recovery if your phone is broken or lost you can recover your data. All you have to do is turn on automatic data uploading.
  • Yander Disk App has high compatibility with your Android Smartphone. 
  • 24/7 Data accessibility and availability of your data using internet connection.
  • The Yandex Disk has computer application available at

Application Information and Requirements. 

  • Application Name: Yandex.Disk
  • Size: 4MB
  • Version: 3.19
  • Developed By: YandexRU
  • Format:.APK

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