Tapet Premium 6.03 (Latest Version) APK Download |Daily HD Wallpapers| for Android

Download Tapet™ Premium APK 6.03 Latest Version, For Android Smart Phones and Tablets:
TAPET APP the best Screen Customization Android App that will Customizes and change your Smartphone's Screen Wallpapers and Themes at specified intervals of times. Tapet Premium APK will automatically generate new wallpapers and Themes for your home screen on the basis of your interests that you have specified after installation, Tapet app gives options to specify your favorite and interested and set your preference and interest so that it will find best Wallpapers and themes of your smartphone base on your interests.

Tapet Premium 6.03 APKTAPET App doesn’t need an internet connection all the time to change your Wallpapers and Themes for your phone. It an offline Application that only updates its stuff when you are online. The app lets you set time intervals so that it changes your Home Screen, wallpaper Theme accordingly through that specified time intervals.

Tapet Premium APK has amazing high quality and beautiful Android Wallpapers for your smartphone, which will make your smartphone’s home screen beautiful with new amazing wallpapers all the time when you unlock your smartphone a beautiful wallpaper is waiting for you to cheer up your mode.  Tapet Premium APK has a large variety selection and many results for each section, we have to manage to provide you the “Tapet Premium App for free”  which means you don’t need to pay anything to use it for a lifetime, enjoy all its premium features for free, Are You delighted now?

Please Click on the download Link given at the end of this post to save the APK file of “Tapet Premium APK for free. Personalize your phone’s home screen with beautiful new HD wallpaper with Tapet App.

Tapet Premium APK Features:

  • Tapet Premium doesn’t Need Internet Connection.
  • Tapet Premium APK has Custom Build Wallpapers to personalize your Smart Phone Screen
  • Free HD Android wallpapers for Android.
  • With Tapet you can set-up Time Intervals so that each interval a new wallpaper will be created and set as your wallpaper.
  • Tapet’s Premium version is available for free download.

TAPET Screenshots:

Tapet Premium APK 6.03Tapet 6.03 APKTapet 6.03 APKTapet APK

Tapet Premium APK File Details: 
  • Package Name: Tapet™ Premium.
  • Size: 9.46MB
  • Format: APK
  • Developed By: SharpRegion
  • Last Modified: 13 January 2018
  • Price: Free
  • Version: 6.03
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