Viber | Free Phone calls and messages| for Android | Latest v7.6.0.26 | [Download Link]


Viber communicate free but in a better way. Viber popular communicating application for Android which allows to send and receive Text, voice and video messages, locations, sticker, note emotions tags etc… all for fee as long as you have any internet connection.

Viber is similar to WhatApp and Skype. Once install Viber all you have to do is to give access to your contact list. Once it synchronized with your contact list it will check all your friends who are using Viber and it will allows you to communicate them freely but in a better way.

Viber does not just come in Android phones, but it has a client for Mac operating and Windows operating. Which means you can communicate anytime, anywhere with any device with your friends.

Viber comes with strong and better quality of picture and audio during voice messages and during video, audio phone calls. Send audio messages, share your location with friends they can easily find you, tell your stories with emotions and sticker a lot more with Viber.

Make international and domestic Audio, Video phone call with your love ones with cheap cost and better quality.


  • Viber is a free communicating application.
  • Viber comes with in variety of operating system like Android, Windows, and Mac.
  • Viber have better Audio and Video quality during phone calls.
  • Vider comes with variety of features, like plan text, emotions, sticker, locations etc...

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