UC Mini Browser (Official & Latest Version) APK Download for Android Devices

UC Browser Mini APK Download, for Android Smartphones and Tablets.

UC Browser Mini for Android is an excellent alternative browser, then other we found for android operating phones.
UC Mini comes with a simple interface with all the important features needed for amazing browsing experience.

UC Mini has a great number of features, the for most is GESTURES on the screen, which helps to control various functions. The ability to switching between tabs made easier with gestures and the built-in voice command helps to search on the internet.

UC Mini for Android has two modes for browsing, a light mode for more brightness and dark mode for lesser brightness which help to surf the internet at night with less light.

UC Mini is a lightweight browser which is much lesser in size and takes little usage of RAM which surfing the internet, therefore, its an excellent app for people with less powered and Lesser RAM installed on their smartphones.

UC Mini APK Download

Good Features:

  • UC Mini is an excellent lightweight browser with almost all the features installed it.
  • UC Mini has built-in display gestures which help a lot while surfing the internet and switching tabs is a lot easier.
  • UC Mini has two modes the dark mode for night and light mode for daylight.
  • UC Mini also has voice command control.
Application information and requirements:
Name UC Mini Browser.
Version: 10.7.8 latest
Format: APK
Last Modified: 08/01/2018
Download UC Mini APK
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