Lucky Patcher 8.0.1 Latest (Patch and Modify Apps) APK Download for Android

Lucky Patcher APK Download version for Android Smartphones and Tablets: lucky Patcher APK Download. Its an Android tools for modifying and patching android apps. lucky Patcher gives you control and permission to apps installed on our android smartphone. with lucky Patcher, you now remove and delete excessive advertising ads that annoy while using the app.

Lucky Patcher  lucky Patcher gives its users a complete control of installed Android apps. it allows you to bypass to the Pro and Premium versions of apps. remove ads, change permissions and much more.

Lucky Patcher can be used on rooted and also on un-rooted Android phones but there are some features which will not run efficiently on not Rooted phones. We recommend you to Root, to use all the features your phone should be rooted.

when you are annoyed with ads in your favorite app then Lucky Patcher is your big help. 

How to use Lucky Patcher:

When you lucky Patcher installed, simply open the app, you will see a list of all the installed app in your Android phone. select and tap on the app which you wants to modify. A list of options will available there select on modify. View information about the apps, change permissions, delete additional data and access to all the other tools it's that simple and easy. 

In the listed options in Lucky Patcher, you will find an option like deactivated ads, change permissions etc.. You can easily select your desired one.   

Good Features of Lucky Patcher:

  • Lucky Patcher allows to Change, Modify and Alteration of your install apps on the phone.
  • Lucky Patcher changes permission of your app and deletes ads on the installed apps.
  • Lucky Patcher is dynamic and user-friendly.
  • Lucky Patcher is all free.   
Application Information and Requirements: 
  • Package Name: Lucky Patcher 
  • Version: Latest
  • Format: APK
  • Last Modified: 09/01/2018
  • Ratings 4.5 +
  • App Size 6.5 MB
  • Developed by Chelpus
  • Required Android 2.2 +
  • Installs 3600 Million +
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