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Download King Root 5.3.1 APK for Android Smartphones and Tablet:

The King of Rooting. Roots your android smart phone in a matter of seconds. King Root is a most popular android app in the world of rooting and is consider to be highest downloaded app for Rooting.

King Root a free and excellent way to root your Android phone. Rooting a delicate process, therefore King Root do it with deep concentration and with conscious care.

King Root is designed all in Chinese Language but not a problem at all. You just have to press the blue button and wait for a couple of seconds and your phone is done with rooting.

It is important to know that king root have some problems, while rooting on Moto series by Motorola, But works perfectly on rest of all devices.   

King Root 5.3.1 APK

Good Features of King Root:

  • King Root an easiest way to root your phone.
  • King Root is consider to be most popular and downloaded app for rooting.
  • King Root has a dynamic and user friendly Interface.
  • King Root is simple. You just have to press blue icon.
  • Rooting is a matter of seconds with King Root.

Application Information and Requirements:

Package Name: King Root 
Version:  5.3.1 Latest 
Format: APK
Last Modified: 06/01/2018

Download King Root APK Link: King Root 5.3.1

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