KD Liker for Android 5.0.1 Latest Version (FB Auto Liker) Download APK

Download KD Liker APK for Android | Free Unlimited Facebook Likes|

Download the Latest Release of Official KD Liker 5.0.1 and start getting likes on your publicly shared Post. The best free Facebook Auto Liker which gives you unlimited likes on your social media accounts, for instance, Facebook a very popular social network around the globe with 2 billion users around the globe and to be popular around the globe and in your friends circle you need to have more likes and comments on your post.

Therefore here we are presenting an app which will increase likes on the post in your Facebook which includes photos, videos, and status. KD Liker app is an amazing Android social tool that will let you increase your likes on the Facebook post as you desired to.

KD Liker has many features, the foremost features of KDLiker APK Download are that it is a Google Play Protected social tool for your Android mobile phone, therefore KD Liker APK is 100% secure and compatible for your Android device.

Secondly KD Liker allows it’s users to select how much number of likes that they want for your Facebook post, for instance if you say 500 likes it will give you 500 likes or if you say 1000 likes it will give you exactly 1000 likes for each post your posts on Facebook, not a single like more nor less, which means KD liker v2.5.2 APK gives you total control while using the app.

KD Liker

kd Liker v2.5.1 APK Latest comes in a very lightweight social auto liker tool for your Android operating mobile which means it does not a lot much size neither in your Ram and nor in your Rom of your Mobile phone that means you have an edge if you have a mobile with less RAM. The amazing feature that person likes about this tool is it has a smooth and clean feeling while using the tool.

The key features for that KD Liker app are designed for to give you unlimited likes and it does not compromise with its key feature, it is a very powerful tool for Android mobile to get likes on your Facebook posts.

Key Features of KD Liker APK

  • KD Liker v2.5.1 lets you get as many likes as you desired for your all post that on Facebook.
  • KD Liker is an excellent and very powerful and light weighted Android tool to get you like via your Android mobile.
  • KD Liker gives you complete control over the use of the tool it does exactly what you instruct the tool to do. A number of likes you want, on which particular post you want it will give accordingly in the post.  
  • KD Liker comes with high security as it is Google Play Protected and 100% secure Android tool on your Android device.
  • KD-Liker has high-security measurements to protect your privacy and safety while during you using the tool to ensure the security of its users because you are sharing your Facebook and giving him permission, they are trying their level best to provide your privacy high security all the time. That is really what they are concern about. They will not modify or change anything until unless do instruct it to do for.   
  • The best thing about KD-Liker is that it does not bother you with pop up ads and messages.
  • KD Liker has a smooth and clean user-friendly interface design to provide an excellent user experience.
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KD-Liker Application Information and Requirements:
Application Name: KD Liker APK
Current Version: 4.0.1
APP Size: 3.96MB
OS Required: All Android Version
Last Modified: 20 January 2018
Price Free

How to use KD-Liker on your Android Mobile Phone

  1. The foremost you will have a Facebook account to log in to use KD Liker App
  2.  Secondly will have to enable Facebook Followers to “Everyone
  3. Thirdly you will have to give permission to KD Liker app so that it can access.
  4. Lastly, you will have to set all your post in “Everyone” public privacy setting so that people can like you.
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