Grand Liker(Ghost Liker) 2.5.2 Latest APK Download for Android

Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker |FB-auto-liker| Free Unlimited Likes| Keeping the need of liker on social media sites, here we are presenting an Android social tool which will boost your likes on the post that you made in Facebook, for instance: photos, videos, and status. Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker is a perfect Android social tool with its key function to give you unlimited likes on the Facebook post as much as you want there is now no limit on likes with Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker.

Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker is a great Facebook auto liker tool and social app that gives you unlimited likes on your post in social media sites the most common that is Facebook which is a popular social media network with its 2 billion users around the globe. Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker gives you the opportunity to be popular among your peers and around the globe with its amazing feature of auto liker, your friends are really going to be jealous on your likes trust me.

Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker has many amazing features for its users, and the foremost features it comes with maximum security because the Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker is a Google Play Protected Android social tool for your Android mobile phone, therefore Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker comes with 100% security, safety and compatible Facebook auto liker that you can ever get for your Android phone.

Secondly, Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker allows it’s users to have complete control over the app. For instance the number of likes that you want for your post, Likes as many as you desired always more likes than your friends and peers, select the number of likes you need for your Facebook post it is going to give that number of likes in just minutes, for example, when you say 600 likes it will give you 600 likes and when you said 12000 likes, Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker will give you exactly 12000 likes for your each particular post that you selected from your Facebook posts. It does not give you a single like less, not more.

The third feature is should talk about is, Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker comes with a very lightweight design for your Android phone, that is why it doesn’t take too much space in your Ram and in Rom of your mobile, it’s a cool benefit when your phone has powerful memory or RAM, The another cool thing which o personally like is, its smooth and clean design which doesn’t let the app to sticks in your phone's memory while using the Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker tool.

The main functions for which you are downloading Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker is to get unlimited likes on your Facebook post and it has no compromise on that. It has lightweight but a very powerful social tool for an Android phone to get more likes on your Facebook post this should be your prime choice.

Main Features of Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker:
  • First Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker is a Google Play Protected and 100% secure Android social tool for your Android mobile phone.
  • Secondly, Grand Liker/ Ghost Likers is a perfect Facebook auto liker tool that allows you to get as many likes as you want for free for your Facebook post.
  • Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker is an amazing and very powerful and light weighted Android tool, which gives you likes, now through your Android mobile phone.
  • Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker comes with high-security parameter to protect your privacy and safety of your data on your Facebook account, while using the Android social tool they ensure the security of your accounts, because you are sharing your Facebook profile and data, and you are giving them permission, they tries their level best to give their users high security and privacy all the time its their concern. Secondly, they do not change or modify any data or setting of your Facebook id. The app does what exactly you want him to do.
  • Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker provides its users a complete control over the usage of the application, it does exactly what you instruct the tool to do. How many numbers of likes you want, on which particular Facebook post you want it is going to give you exactly on that post.  
  • The cool features about Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker are that it does not bother you with pop up ads and messages. Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker has a smooth and clean user-friendly interface to provide you an excellent user experience.

How to use Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker on your Android Mobile Phone;

Facebook settings for Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker:
  1. The foremost setting you will need to have is a Facebook account to log in to Facebook to use Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker
  2. Second, you will have to enable Facebook Followers to “Everyone” from your FB settings.
  3. Thirdly you will have to give permission to Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker.
  4. Lastly, you will have to set all your post in “Everyone” public privacy setting so that people can like you.
 How to use Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker:
  1. Select any of the post form your Facebook id for which you want to generate likes.
  2. Select and copy the link to that particular post from your Facebook and past that link in the Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker insert box.
  3. Select any number(on limit) of likes you want for your post and hit okay and continue
  4. Wait for few minutes and go back to your Facebook notification bar and check you will have had your desired amount of likes on. 
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Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker Information and Requirements:
  • Application Name Grand Liker/ Ghost Liker
  • Version v2.5.2
  • Size 3.9MB
  • OS Required All Android Version
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