Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Game Guardian APK Download 8.33.1 (Latest Version) for Android

GameGuardian APK Download | Patch and modify Offline Games For Free| GameGuardian (or named Game Guardian) is the perfect game Patching app for Android users which lets its users modify the scores, money, coins, and gems of offline Android video games to get advantages and Improvements illegally. It works as code injection during the run-time and allows you to modify the parameters you want.

Game Guardian  Game Guardian, an excellent app comes with many features. First: GameGuardian allows you gain high scores in games by searching score values in the game, once the score value is found, then it allows you to change it to your desired value. let say you earned 500 points in a game. Now in the  GameGuardian apk, search for 500 numeric value and check out results. Once identified the value you can modify it by entering your desired value, for instance. 50000, in that specified field.

Second: GameGuardian will give you the ability to change and modify the internal clock of your games and of your mobile phone so that you will be able to cheat and get immediate improvements and more scores in video games, you won't have to wait for hours to get your energy full again and back. Its very easy to do that slide your finger down onscreen in the floating icon, that will allow you increase or decrease the flow of time it's that simple and easy.
[Important Note] GameGuardian only supports offline games and won't be able to modify any game if it syncs scores online or online games which are connected to the internet.

Second GameGuardian will only work and supports rooted devices, GG requires root access of your phone to function and work, therefore your device should be rooted and GG has given Root access before start Patching and modifying any game.

How to use GameGuardian:

  • GameGuardian only supports to cheat in single player and offline games. Please make sure that your device is ROOTED.
  • Select and Launch any game from your smartphone where you want to modify and earn virtual money, full health, gems etc...
  • Press the GameGuardian icon on top and start to search for the game app and its value you want to change.
  • Please continue playing the game in order to make the value change and GG to scan again and narrow down the list of possible values.
  • Keep Scanning until you are left with less than 3 values for your money, health etc...
  • Now press to change and modify its value and add any desired numeric value.

Application Information and Requirements :

  • Application Name: GameGuardian
  • Application format: .apk
  • Application Version: 8.33.1
  • Application size: 3.1MB
  • Required OS: 4.2 or above.
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