Monday, 16 October 2017

ZAPYA APK Download Latest v5.1.1 (File Transfer App) for Android

Download ZAPYA APK an excellent file transfer and sharing app across different platforms.  

ZAPYA APK Download, Zapya an Android mobile tool that to transfer files between any Android, Windows or Mac device at super speed.

Zapya instead of Bluetooth uses WiFi protocol which enable you to transfer files amazingly with higher speed up-to 40 percent faster than Bluetooth and other android application.

With Zapya you can transfer almost anything from your Android phone to any device which includes your IMAGES, VIDEOS, MUSIC FILES, CONTACTS and ANDROID APPS.

To transfer via Zapya, all you need to do is either create a Group or join the group created by your friend, once connected via Zapya you ready to receive or transfer your file

Zapya allows you to transfer in multi phones at one time. which make alot eaiser when you need to transfer your files to more than one poeple at one time.

ZAPYA is an excellent and very popular app to transfer your all files at a very super speed. having Zapya installed on your Android there is not hazel to carry your Android Data cable all the time.

Zapya has an amazing user interface, there is category of App, Photos, Music Files, Videos and Files. Which makes easier to pick while transferring particular file. 

Zapya APK download

Good Features of Zapya:

  • Zapya app for Android uses WiFi protocol instead of Bluetooth which provides super fast speed than other app which uses Bluetooth protocol.
  • Zapya lets you to transfer Android files to multiple users at one time. its a great edge when you need to transfer to multiple users at a time.
  • Zapya is a very light weight app and have an amazing user interface. 
  • Zapya is an excellent Android app with simple and user friendly interface.  

Application Information and Requirements:

  • Name: ZAPYA
  • Version: 5.1.1
  • Last Modified: 1/11/2018

Download ZAPYA APK  Link: ZAPYA.apk

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