Himzi Auto Liker for Android 4.1.0 Latest (FB Auto Liker) Download APK [2018]

Download Himzi Liker APK Latest version 2.5.6 | Free Unlimited FB Likes| for your Smartphones and Tablets:

Himzi Liker also known as Indonesian Auto-liker, is the best FB Auto Liker which gives Free Instant, Safe, and Secure Likes for your all publically shared post. that could be Image, Video, Status or anything that you share, are going to have unlimited likes for free. Click on the download link given below to download the latest version of Himzi Auto Like but first, let us take you through some best features of Himzi AutoLike: 


Himzi Facebook Auto Liker comes with many amazing and cool features that are a need of every one of us, the foremost features it comes is maximum security parameters, because, Himzi Facebook Auto Likers is 100% secure app as it is protected by Google Play Protected Android social app for your Android device, its safe and compatible Facebook auto liker download for your smartphone.

Secondly, Himzi Facebook Auto Liker will allow you to have total control on the app and gives you 100% genuine likes from real peoples. Control in terms of choice to select the number of likes for your post, Likes as many as you always wanted always more likes than your peers and people around you, select the number of likes you want for your Facebook post, for instance, when you hit on 200 likes for your post it will give you 200 likes and when you hit 1000 likes, Himzi Facebook Auto Liker will give you exactly 1000 likes for your each particular post that you selected from your Facebook posts isn’t it cool to have such an app.

Himzi Autolike

The third feature, that Himzi Facebook Auto Liker comes with is it has a smooth and clean design for your Android phone, it does not take too much space in your phones Ram and in Rom. It’s a great edge when you have a phone with less memory and RAM, The other excellent features which are my favorite about this app is, it's smooth and clean design which doesn’t let the app to sticks in the memory of your phone while using.

Himzi AutoLike is really going to boost likes on your post that you have posted in Facebook, for example, your photos, your videos, and your status everything you have posted will now on have too many likes which are going to impress everyone in your friend circle. Himzi Facebook Auto Liker is a very popular Android social tool in the Google App store with its main function of unlimited likes on the Facebook post. The cool things are it has no limit of likes it will give you as many likes you wanted for your Facebook post.

Himzi Liker

Himzi Autolike increases Facebook Likes, and Reactions on your publically shared Post, Picture, Videos, Shares, and other Facebook's post that you made.

Good Features of Himzi Autolike:

Spam Free Likes:
Himzi liker never spams on your Account. Their FB Auto Liker is totally spamming free.

Instant Likes:
Get instantly 500+ free likes per post submit and up to 50,000 Likes on your publically shared Facebook posts.

Trusted Sites
Himzi Auto Liker is online since 2013 and they have been providing free trusted services since then.

Facebook Reaction:
Along with free Likes, Himzi Liker give instant 500+ Reaction per submit and up tp 50,000 Reaction on the post facebook that you make publically.

Customize Likes and Reaction:
Choose any number of the likes as you want for your post! You can choose between 150 - 500 Likes and Reactions per submit!

Loved By Users:
Himzi Liker has millions of users who have been using the app and its Rating on the Android App store is Amazing.


Himzi Auto Liker Detail Intro:

  • Foremost features of Himzi Facebook Auto Liker is a Google Play Protected and 100% secure Android social app on your Android phone.
  • Secondly, Himzi Facebook Auto Likers is very popular Facebook auto-liker APK that allows you to have your desired likes on your Facebook post.
  • Himzi Liker is a free Android tool and Facebook auto-liker and most downloaded among other auto-liker tools.
  • Himzi Facebook Auto Liker is powerful and light weighted Android app to give you likes, now you can get your Android mobile phone using this app.
  • Himzi Auto Liker comes with high-security parameter to protect your privacy and safety of your data on your Facebook account, while using the Android social tool they ensure the security of your accounts, because you are sharing your Facebook profile and data, and you are giving them permission, that is why they are trying their level best to provide you security and privacy all the time when you use. Secondly, they do not change or modify any data or setting of your Facebook id. The app does what exactly you want him to do. 
  • Himzi Liker APK provides its users a complete control over the usage of the application, it does exactly what you instruct the tool to do. How many numbers of likes you want, on which particular Facebook post you want it is going to give you exactly on that post.  
  • The cool features about Himzi Facebook Auto Liker are that it does not bother you with pop up ads and messages. Himzi Facebook Auto Liker has a smooth and clean user-friendly interface to provide you an excellent user experience.
Himzi Liker Required settings for Facebook:

Please make sure to set your facebook setting accordingly as mention below before launching the app:

  • The foremost you need a Facebook account with login details to log in to Facebook account and allow Himzi Auto-Liker.
  • Secondly, set your facebook followers to mode “Everyone” mode.
  • Third, you need to give permission to Himzi Facebook Auto Liker.
  • Lastly, you have to set all your Facebook post to “Everyone” mode by going in Public privacy setting so that people can reach and like your shared post.

 How to use Himzi Auto Like:

  1. Select the post form your Facebook id for which you want to get liker on.
  2. Select and copy the link of that post from your Facebook and past it on the Himzi Facebook Auto Liker
  3. Select the number of likes you want for your post and hit ok and continue
  4. Wait for few minutes and go back to your Facebook notification bar and check you will have got an exact same number of likes as you selected.
  5. Repeat the above mention process for other posts on which you want likes.

Application Information and Requirements:
  • Name: Himzi Liker
  • Current Version: v2.5.6
  • App Size: 3.9MB
  • OS Required: All Android Version
  • Price Free
  • Lasst Modified: 29 January 2018
  • Category: Facebook Liker
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v2.5.6 (Updated 22, February 2018)
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