Monday, 23 October 2017

Hiki Messenger 5.5.9 Latest (Official Service APP) Download for Android

Download Hiki Messenger APK for Free Calls, Chat with Stickers: HIKI Messenger App, an instant messaging tool for Your Android Device that will let you communicate with your all contacts and friends even your friends not using Hiki installed on their phones.

Hiki like will allows maintaining a separate conversation with all your friends like all other Instant Messaging systems. it will allow you to create different group chats with friends. all your group chat members can participate in the group chat whether they have hiki installed or not they can send and receive messages.

Hiki comes with a great number of features, it allows you to sent Voice messages to your Hiki friends, similar to using walkies talkie, and the most interesting features that I personally like is Stickers in your messages while conversation.

Hiki Messenger APK DownloadHiki comes with many amazing features, the foremost it has the option to set your privacy, you can limit who can see the last time you were online. hiki also provide you the opportunity to set different privacy settings for your groups, for instance, if any of the members of your group chat left you will be notified.

Hiki is such an amazing instant messaging tool that comes with many options in a smooth user-friendly interface, you will in love with the app once you start using it.

Features of Hiki:

  • An instant messaging tool with amazing features like, communicating with friends who have hiki installed or not you can still send them and get a reply from them.
  • Hiki has all the best features like other messaging applications, it allows to sent voice messages, stickers etc...
  • Hiki will give you a strong privacy option. you can limit the who can see you when the last time you were online.
  • Hiki lets you create Group-chat with your friends, and the best thing your friends who are not using Hiki can still be part of your Group-chat and sent messages and receive replies isn't"it cool?
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HIki App Information and Requirements;

  • Name:  Hiki Messenger APK
  • OS required:  Android 2.2 or higher
  • Version:          5.2.3
  • Size:                30.36 MB
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