Facebook Messenger ( Latest) APK Download for Android Devices.

Download Facebook Messenger APK, for Android Smartphone and Tablet.

Free Video and Audio calls| Sent videos and Photos |Sent text messages and Stickers | Files and share Location |

Facebook messenger is an official Facebook application for conversation with friends on worlds most popular social network Facebook. you can sent messages, make calls, sent files and notes, share locations and all your daily requirements are under one platform.

With Messenger you can make groups where you add multiple recipient and you can sent instant messages to several people. you can also sent or receive photos, videos, files and many other important things each member of the group will access to all files instantly.

With recent updates you can use messenger as your Android Messaging app, via which you can sent and receive normal phone messages with messenger app.

Another features add in the Facebook Messenger is you can use add Your Daily Story, where you can add your daily post to it, all your Facebook friends with messenger can see and react with different emotions or can comment on it. your story will have a duration of 24 hour and after that it will automatic call expire.

Another cool feature about Facebook is it has a verity of sticker which allows to talk with your friends wordlessly. 

Facebook Messenger

Good Features of Facebook Messenger:

  • Messenger is an excellent app to communicate with your friends for free.
  • messenger has equiped with all the important features like Video calling, Audio Calling, Photos and Videos sent.
  • Messenger allows to sent audio clip instead of text messages which is more natural and easy.
  • instant mesaging with messenger. sent your message to multiple people at one time.
  • Messenger has Simple, User friendly and Interactive display.

Download Messenger APK Link: Facebook Messenger

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