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Messenger Lite APK Download Latest version for Android Smartphones and Tablet:

Messenger lite APK, an official Facebook alternative client of Messenger for Android users, which uses much lesser data than actual Messenger itself. It is an excellent app and has specially designed for people who have slow data like 2G or low speed internet connections.

Messenger lite has all the important features of actual Messenger. You can send messages, pictures and sticker in a slow internet connections at a very rapid speed.

Messenger lite is excellent app for mobiles with less RAM and storage capacity. Messenger lite takes much lesser space and memory on your phones.

Messenger Lite APK

Good Features of Messenger Lite:

  • It is an excellent alternative client for Facebook messenger which uses much lesser data and has almost all the features of actual messenger.
  • It take very much space on the phone, if you have a phone with low memory and storage than its perfect app for you.
  • You can send messages, sent photos, sent stickers with much lesser speed.
  • It interface is almost same as actual messenger.
  • Messenger Lite works perfectly on slow internet connections.

Application information and requirements:

  • Package Name: Messenger Lite 
  • Version: Latest
  • Format: APK
  • Last Modified: 04/01/2018

Download Messenger Lite Link: Messenger Lite

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