Candy Camera Pro - Beauty & Selfie Cam 4.0.2 APK Download for Android

Candy Camera APK Your Selfie Cam| Filters| Stickers & Editor|  Candy Camera Personalize you camera Unique Real-time Filters, stickers, Frames and Editor and much much more.

Candy Camera a popular photography application in the Android world that will allow you to take pictures with unique filters and styles. The long list of filters, frames and sticker will give a new touch to all your pictures.

Candy Camera Candy Camera Pro comes with a variety of features, the foremost features it gives all your images a DSLR Touch of quality the images taken with Candy Camera are so beautiful and you won't gonna believe that have taken with your Mobile camera, with Candy the pixel Quality of your phones
the camera does not really matter.

Candy camera comes with a built-in amazing editor which allows you to edit all your images while taken or those which are already saved you can edit them. You can add filters to your images and stickers of large variety for your different moods to makes your pictures even beautiful and unique,

Candy Camera gives you real-time filters, not like other images which you can add filters and sticker in real time while taking photos so that you choose the best filters and stickers to your images and the post editing will enable you to crop your images add a unique range of frames to your images.

Candy Cameras Features:

  • Candy Camera is the most popular Photography apk in the Android world.
  • Candy Camera comes with Real-Time Filters and Stickers. that you can use while taking the images.
  • Candy Camera gives you unique amazing filters, frames, and stickers for your images.
  • Candy Camera also allows you to edit your image while taking the pictures and also allows you to post edit your images.

Candy Camera Application Info:

  1. Name: Candy Camera.
  2. Version:             v4.0.2
  3. Size:                   25.7
  4. OS Required:    2.0 or Newer Version of Android
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