7Liker Official (FB Auto Liker) APK Download | Unlimited Likes| 7Liker v19.90 for Android

Download 7Liker APK FB liker for Android Latest v19.90. One click download; Unlimited likes on your Facebook post is a desire don't you think? well keeping this need of our users we have brought you yet another amazing top Facebook auto liker which will boost likers on your Facebook posts, for instance: your photos are going to have more likes, your videos and status are going to have more likes. 7 Liker apk, therefore, a perfect Android app that will give you unlimited likes on the Facebook post as much as you want to isn't it amazing?

"7Liker apk for Android" is a great Facebook auto liker and tool which lets you have unlimited likes on your Facebook post. 7Liker app will give you the opportunity to be popular in your peers and friends and family believe it or not everyone does talk about likes and comments, trust me your friends are really going to be jealous on your likes.

7Liker 2018 comes with many features, the foremost features is it has much maximum security for your Android because 7 Liker apk is Google Play Protected Android app, which means 7Liker apk comes with 100% security and compatibility with your Android phone.

Second 7 Liker App lets its user complete control. 7Liker gives you an option where you can select a number of likes depends upon your want for your Facebook posts, for instance, let's say you have selected 200 likes it will give you 200 likes on that particular post you have selected. And when you selected 10k likes, 7Liker Facebook auto liker will give you exactly 10k likes for your each selected post. which means as you desired you will post of that numbers. It won't give you a one more like less.

The third cool and amazing feature I should be discussing is, 7Liker auto liker has a lightweight and clean design with high compatibility with Android phone, which means it doesn’t take lot of space in your Ram and in Rom of your phone without compromising with speed, it’s a great edge when you have a slow powered memory and RAM phone this is really a benefit. My personally liked feature is, it has a clean design which is why it doesn’t bother with pop up ads and messages.

Best features of 7Liker Facebook liker:

  1. 7Liker pro gives you real likes instantly. 
  2. First, 7Liker apk is a 100% secure Android social tool and is Google Play Protected app and for your Android phone.
  3. Very easy and safe to use.
  4. Second 7Liker APK is most downloaded Facebook Auto Liker App, that lets you have as many likes as you want for your each Facebook posts.
  5. 7Liker apk is very powerful and light weighted Android app.
  6. 7Liker Facebook Auto Liker has high security to protect your privacy and safety of your data on your Facebook account. And they do not change or modify any data or setting of your Facebook. 
  7. 7Liker Android App gives its users a complete control over the usage of the app. it lets you have as many likes as you want for your post.  
  8. 7Likers doesn't bother with pop up ads or messages, and its smooth and clean user interface gives an amazing experience.
7Liker APK

How to use 7Liker apk on your Android Mobile Phone

Facebook settings for 7Liker apk:
  • The foremost setting you will need to log in to your Facebook account.
  • Secondly will have to set your enable Facebook Followers to “Everyone”
  • Thirdly you will have to give permission to 7Liker apk so that it will send you likes on your post.
  • Lastly, you will have to set all your post see by “Everyone” in public privacy setting so that people can like you on only your friend but other than your friends.
7Liker7Liker APK


 How to use 7Liker apk:

  • Select any particular post from Facebook id for which you want to get likes boost on.
  • Select and copy the link to that particular post from your Facebook and past that link in the 7Liker apk link box.
  • Now Select the number of likes you want for your post and hit Okay and continue next. the app will start generating likes for you.
  • Wait for few minutes and go back to your Facebook notification bar and check you will have exactly the same number of likes as you have selected in the app isn't it amazing.
  • Repeat the above mention process again for other posts on which you want to boost likes it all free and save enjoy your free likes.
App Information and Requirements
  • Application Name: 7 Liker Latest
  • Version: 7Liker 19.0
  • Size: 2.9 MB
  • File Format:  .apk
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3 & Newer
  • Developed By: Rakhaapps
  • Price: Available for Free
*This version is the latest release and you won't need to update once install*
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