Friday, 29 September 2017

Vault Latest APK Download for Android | Lock and Hide Private Data| [Download Link]

Download Vault APK For Android Smartphones and Tablets: 

| Hide Sms, Photos, Videos and Lock Apps|
Vault allows android users to create a small safe inside android device where they can hide your private messages, photos, Video and only can be access by entry security measurement that comes with vault.

Vault also allows its users to lock app like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and all other private apps that you don’t want no one but you only access them then Vault is an excellent app for you.

In today’s world every one of us have something private, whether it’s on Facebook, Messenger, whatsApp or any Video, Sms or photos your all privacy is kept by this Vault. Having vault install you don’t need to worry when your phones in in some one else’s hand.

Vault has built in private browsing. You can also use as a browser and surf the internet private.

Vault come with a high security for you android device, it has different options to access the vault, it can be access with password or with finger prints. It has dynamic and user friendly interface.

Vault APK

Good Features of Vault

  • Vault has high security and privacy.
  • Vault also to save private messages, videos and pictures in a dynamic and user friendly interface.
  • Vault is best app locker, you can lock private apps with vault.
  • Vault allows to surf internet privately and keeps your data save.
  • The most popular and free hiding application for Android. 

Application Information and Requirements:

Package Name: Vault
Version: Latest
Format: APK
Last Modified: 04/01/2018

Download Vault APK Link: Vault  

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