Thursday, 21 September 2017

Snapchat Download (2.0.1 Latest & Official Version) APK for Android

Download the Latest Release of Official Snapchat Casper App Download for Android smartphones and Tablets for Casper APK for Android free download for Android Smartphones and Tablets. Casper an alternative client for Snapchat which has been designed to save pictures from other without them knowing. Snapchats tell its user when anyone tries to save picture or take a screenshot having Casper installed you this problem is solved.

Casper came with a lot of interesting inbuilt features, the best one it lets you forward snaps and photos sent to you by your friends. You can add filters, add stickers and a lot more with just this Casper and send to other Snapchap friends.

Casper APK
Casper V
Capers has an amazing inbuilt filter for your camera, you can add a different filter which taking pics in different moods. The one hazel in the Casper is the identification process you have to identify your self with your Sanpchat logins and then with your Gmail id. We recommend you to log in with alternative email id.

Caspers Official Service APP is Available to download Click on the download link given below to download the latest version for free.

The Official version offers more features, for instance, forwarding messages, Download and sending snaps from snapchat friends without them knowing

Good Features of Casper:

  • Casper allows saving images and snaps of your snapchat friends without their notice.
  • Casper comes with unique filter that makes your ordinary camera, a professional camera with its sticker add more to your stores
  • Casper lets you forward and receives the message without any hazel in just single touch.

How to install:

  • To install Casper click in the download icon below, and save the Casper.Apk file.
  • Open the and press install, wait for the file to be installed on your mobile phone.
  • Login with the id try any alternate id for Casper, then log in with your SnapChat Id.
  • Casper shall be installed and you are all set to go. open the Snapchat and enjoy the new experience of your Snapchat with Casper. 
App Information:
  • Package Name: Casper
  • Version latest
  • Size 18.77 MB
  • Licence Liam Cottle
  • Price free 
  • Last Modified 5 January 2018 
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