Firefox Focus 4.0.1 (Latest) APK Downlad | Privacy Browser, Built in VPN & Ad Blocker| [2018]

Download Firefox Focus 4.0.1 APK for Android Smartphone and Tablets: 

Firefox focus Browser is produced by Mozilla. An open source, light weight browser for Android users. Firefox Focus comes with a very fast built in VPN which allows users to browse swiftly and anonymously.

User satisfaction 100% . The interface of Firfox Focus is simple as like other browsers but you can't use multiple tabs one time, it only supports one tab at a time. Firfox Focus also come with built in AD Blocker, any ad in page won't bother you.

Firefox Focus has 100% security of your privacy, one best feature I should mention is, it erases history, cookies and nothing saves when you quite the browser.  

Firefox Focus 4.0.1

Good Features of Firefox Focus:

  • Search and browse right with in the app with 100% untraceable privacy.
  • Built-in-VPN with super fast speed makes you feel the power high speed internet. 
  • Automatically block trackers.
  • Erases cookies as well search and browsing history.

Application Information and Requirements: 

Package Name: Firefox Focus 
Version:  4.0.1 latest
Format: APK
Last Modified: 09/01/2018

Download Firefox Focus APK link: Firefox Focus 4.0.1

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