Facebook Lite (Latest) APK Download for Android Devices

Download Facebook Lite APK for Android Smartphones and Tablets: 

Facebook Lite an official client of Facebook which uses data and allows its users to use all the important features  of Facebook but with a very low data. The Facebook Lite is specially designed for users with limited Internet connections. the app works perfectly on  2G networks and where internet speed is very slow.

Facebook Lite does not come with all the features that of Facebook app itself, the app does not supports Messenger directly but you can read your messages inside the lite app.
Facebook Lite has a very interactive interface and the app takes only 250  on the memory and uses low battery of your phone this means the Lite app works with 100% lesser memory. The apps will not sucks you phone memory nor it will slow down your phones performance.    

Facebook Lite is the best alternative client for Facebook which allows you to use this social network on lesser power devices and over weak Internet connections.

Good Features of Facebook Lite APK:

  • The Facebook Lite is specially designed for low powered and internet connection
  • Takes 100 times lesser power and data than usual Facebook app.
  • The lite app comes with all the important features that of usual Facebook app. 

Download Facebook Lite APK link: Facebook Lite 

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