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App Lock 2.32.1 (Latest) APK Download For Android Devices

Download APP Lock APK Latest Version 2.23.1 for Android Smartphones and Tablets:

A Light Weight| Locks all your Apps and Files |High Privacy and Security|

App lock a light weight app that keeps all your files and app lock in your Android smart phone. The best feature, App lock comes with are keeping your android application locks so that no one but you can access them, App Lock APK Download for Android.

Apps Locks come with a virtual safe where it allows its users to lock your videos, photos and messages in their smart phone.

App lock has high security and privacy. It has a simple and user friendly interface. To unlock App lock you have a numeric password to enter and you entered into App Lock.

Another security APP Lock has is, it allows to hide icons of installed apps in your phone. Even when someone have your they will not come to know that you have install any private app.

App Lock 2.32.1 APK

Good Features of App Lock 2.32.1:

  • APP Lock comes with a lot many features, it has a simple but strong security and privacy.
  • App Lock can lock all your apps, files, photo, videos and messages to ensure privacy for you.
  • Apps lock has simple, dynamic and user friendly interface.
  • App lock is a light weight app, it doesn’t slows your phones performance.
  • App lock allows to hide Icons of your applications installed on your smart phone.

Application Information And Requirements:

Package Name: App Lock 
Version: 2.32.1 Latest
Format:  APK
Last Modified: 05/01/2018

Download App Lock APK Link: App Lock 2.32.1 Latest

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