Kerala Auto Liker Official 3.4.2 Latest (FB Auto Liker) APK Download for Android

Download Kerala Auto Liker 3.4.2 APK Download for Android. Kerala Auto Liker, App a perfect Facebook Auto Liker and social tool which gives its users unlimited likes on their social media accounts that is Facebook which is a popular social network in the globe with its 2 billion users around the globe. Kerala Auto Liker gives you the opportunity to be popular among your peers and around the globe with its amazing feature of auto liker, your friends are really going to be jealous on your likes.

Keeping the need of our social profile likes here we have bought yet another amazing Facebook Liker  which is will going to boost your FB likes all for free. There is no limit of likes once you install this social tool in your Android Phone. Its simple and easy. Select as many likes as you want for your Facebook this application will give you for free. for instance your photos, your videos and everything your share as your status is going to have always more likes than your friends. Kerala Auto Liker is an perfect Android social tool with its core function to let you have unlimited likes on Facebook post as your desired to have.

KeralaKerala Auto Liker APK for Android comes with many amazing built in features, the foremost features, it is specially designed to give you maximum security that is why the Kerala Auto Liker is a Google Play Protected Android social app for your mobile phone, which means Kerala Auto Liker is 100% secure, safe for your device with maximum compatibility and free Facebook Auto liker that you can ever get for your Android phone for free.

Secondly Kerala Auto Liker lets you to choose the number of likes that you want for your each post its gives complete autonomy to choice the number of likes you want for your post, Liker as you desired always more than your friends and colleagues, select how much likes you need for your Facebook post this liker will give you that number of likes in just minutes, for instance when you select 500 likes for your posted picture, it will give you 500 likes for that particular for free or when you select 11K likes, Kerala Auto Liker will give you exactly 11K likes not a single like less or more for each particular post you selected. Which means Kerala Auto Liker gives you have total control over selecting Liker.

Kerala Auto Liker comes in a very light weight and clean design for your Android smart phones, therefore it only takes a very little room in your Ram and in your Rom, it has a very great edge for users who have phones with less Memory or RAM, The amazing feature which is also I  personally prefer, its smooth design and clean user interface which doesn't sticks in your phone memory while using the app.

Key function for you are downloading Kerala Auto Liker is unlimited likes and it has no compromise on that it is light weight but very powerful social app for Android phone to get more likes on your Facebook post.

Key Features of Kerala Auto Liker App:

  • Kerala Auto Liker comes with high security as it comes in Google Play Protected and 100% secure app for your Android mobile phone.
  • Kerala Auto Likers is a great Facebook Auto liker tool that lets you get likes on post as you wanted for your each post Facebook post.
  • Kerala Auto Liker is an excellent and very powerful  Android tool for your smart phone, that give you likes through your Android mobile phone as well in a very easy mode.
  • Kerala Auto Liker comes with super security measurements to protect your privacy and safety of your Facebook account as its kerala's prime concern, while using the app they insure your security of your accounts, because you are sharing your Facebook profile with them and giving them permission that’s why they are try their level best to provide you high security and privacy all the time when you use. 
Kerala Auto Liker Information and Requirements:
  1. Application Name Kerala Auto Liker
  2. Kerala Auto Liker apk Version 3.4.2
  3. APK Size 1.52MB
  4. OS Required  All Android Version

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